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2014-02-21 11:21:21 by meridianisdead

HEY I finally made a Tumblr (bye bye blogspot) for all my random artwork! Check it out yall!

BTW I really want to work on another episode of Killgore and a few other concepts but I've been hella busy at the studio. I'm basically an animation machine all day and all I want to do when I get home is sleep :/ Hopefully I'll have some more free time in the coming months!

Beginning of the End

2013-11-27 08:43:43 by meridianisdead

Well the campaign is coming to a close in a few days and were at 2% funding :( OH WELL I'll make another episode by myself. No guarantee when or if it will be finished though. Also you'll have to live with my crappy voice acting :P

Big thank you to all of my backers! You guys are truly 100% psycho beefcakes!

In other news I've started a new animation job in Malaysia. I can't tell you what I'm working on but believe me its pretty cool. This will keep me very busy in the coming months (years?) and I won't have a whole lot of spare time to work on Killgore and my other side projects :/

Wow didn't expect to get noticed by Kickstarter staff! This definitely gets me fired up to work harder on this project!

Killgore Kickstarter Staff Pick

I'm excited and terrified (but mostly excited) to share with you: KILLGORE THE ANIMATED SERIES KICKSTARTER! Sorry its a bit late! These things are more complicated than they look!

Killgore Kickstarter is LIVE!

Killgore Kickstarter Next Saturday

2013-10-19 12:31:37 by meridianisdead

After a lot of planning and research, I'm finally ready to announce that the Killgore: The Animated Series Kickstarter Campaign will launch next Wednesday!
It's time to take the bull by the horns and make shit happen! Everyone who contributes on day one will get some super mystery bonus!
Stick around for more details!

Sorry everybody but I have to delay the launch by a few days! Let's take the bull by the horns THIS SATURDAY!

Killgore Kickstarter Next Saturday

Killgore Game

2013-09-27 06:05:45 by meridianisdead

This is Killgore 2, an unfinished game prototype that I worked on. It was a million times better than the first game but the programmer dropped out and the game has been collecting dust ever since. Trying to see if I can work something out with the programmer and get this game finished!

New Logo Design

2013-09-02 02:00:04 by meridianisdead

Here's a kickass new logo design from my friend Luis Betancourt!

New Logo Design

Pencil Test

2013-08-26 05:04:47 by meridianisdead

I've been making some progress on Killgore. I decided to take a break from writing/storyboarding and made a pencil test. This may or may not end up in the final animation lol. I got some other stuff in the works so check out the facebook page for more info!

Killgore Crowd Funding Coming Soon

2013-08-08 05:36:01 by meridianisdead

Hey everybody, I'm planning on doing a Killgore Crowd Funding Campaign to see if we can raise enough money for a 3-episode miniseries! It’s going to be bigger, better with a whole lot more asskicking! I've got BIG plans for Killgore and will use the funding to hire a co-writer, animators, voice actors, composer, sound designer and a 3D modeler. There’s still a lot of planning to do so stay tuned for updates! The campaign should be up in a few weeks!

Killgore Crowd Funding Coming Soon

Check it out yo!

Killgore Featured on Toonocracy!